Our products

All our products are handled with care and made with passion, paying careful attention to every detail. Each Dolfie model has its own unique character,  ensuring that every component of the product is carefully selected and designed exclusively by us.  

Our soles are made of various materials depending on the intended nature of the product. In some cases, Rubber is used for extra grip and flexibility, and Eva soles provide extra comfort and resistance against corrosion and moisture, while x-Lite soles combine ultimate lightness with supportive  cushioning.  All our soles are designed in-house with a distinct story and purpose for each product.  

Templates are anatomical, created with Eva material to ensure some serious comfort and durability. All of our prints are designed by yours  truly or in collaboration with illustrators from all corners of the world exclusively for Dolfie.   

The leather and fur used in our products are carefully inspected, chosen, and reused from animals intended only for food consumption.  The animal products used in production are never sourced from animals, which have been victims of cruelty and exploitation, purely used for  material goods.  

From the inception of a design idea, to hand stitching the pieces, to stamping our prints, to lacing the product, to polishing its finishing touches,  we work as one big family to deliver a product that is meaningful to you, making you feel special and unique with your Dolfie kicks.