Dolfie Paradise
We come from the stars. We all do.
You, me and all the ones who lived before and all the ones yet to come.
The stars were our first home. The second was water. The third is earth where we get to feel what it is to be alive.
We are only here for a little while, a certain number of breaths, a glimpse in the lifetime of the universe
Yet, each and every one of us comes to earth with a gift and a purpose.
It is our responsibility to ask ourselves: Why are we here?
There was a long time when the earth lived and didn’t know human beings yet.
All the land made of ice, then fire and then water.
Millions of years past and the earth transformed herself over and over again until all elements came into balance just enough to hold us.
The first humans that walked on earth did it so gently as they knew earths skin was the supplier for food, water and air and they thanked her for all.
And every time the children laughed, she smiled.
The earth has never needed us to survive.
But somehow the universe called us into being anyway.
She gives us everything we need to live, and only asks for one thing in return:
For us to take care of her
Can you do this? Can we do this?
There is no greater love than this.
We have lost our way. They call this progress and for progress we have destroyed the land, poisoned the rivers and the oceans and killed all living species.
We have a choice to make: Continue down the path of devastation and keep fighting with each other
Or to come together and rewind, unwind and restore as much as we can.
Who does it serve to make dumps of the oceans, to destroy the forests, poison the land and kill all living species?
If the Earth heals, We heal too.
We are made of rivers, made of soil, we are the sky, the stars, we are the oceans.
It´s our choice.
Thank you JOEANN


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