Dolfie is a Love History

DOLFIE is a love story, an encounter of lovers  who shared the same passion and madness  for life and beauty.   Founded in BARCELONA by a group of young designers never quite content with THINGS and always looking  for something better, to escape our troubled  f????d up LIVES.   Influenced by a constant look to the future and a reflection to the past,   we place all our efforts to create UNIQUE collections for CONFIDENT people of any age who care about their style.  We love experimenting, combining and mixing styles to deliver the most ORIGINAL designs.  All we care about is that YOU feel special wearing DOLFIE. We only produce what we would like to wear! STYLE never goes out of fashion! More than ever, when the whole WORLD is resorting to Chinese rubbish,  DOLFIE strives to take a step back using traditional  processes of production to offer the best quality. DOLFIE is handcrafted in Europe with the finest leathers combined with the best components. We guarantee there are very few brands out there that offers our quality standards!  Let the beauty we love become the good we do!  PS...We are just the same as the others, every day we try to make it a little better and feel grateful for what  life brings us. Thank you all for sharing this dream with us!    

Peace & Love