Dolfie Paradise

Whatever is going on for you and whatever you're feeling right now is unique to you.

But you are not alone.

You may feel unloved, useless, hopeless about the future or maybe powerless like nothing you say or do can change things.

You may feel sad or blaming yourself for things and in a lot of pain. You may feel depressed or in despair.

Whatever your reason, life can be very harsh and painful sometimes.


As an artist I´ve been tortured with depression on and off since my teens.

I find myself constantly pursuing perfection and obsessing over work.

I am always experiencing existential depression in my desire to find meaning in life though my work.

I am often lost between fear, doubt, stress, anxiety, paranoia, delusions, exhaustion and instability.

Depression is the flip side of the creative state.

I believe I am too sensitive to live in this world, obviously not understanding what is going on and powerless to do anything about it.

I just guess I have a hard time blending in to society.


How do I cope? Therapy, family, work and specially the Ocean. The Ocean is my medicine. Probably the Ocean saved my life.


There are ways to get out of that headspace. You just need to find the medicine that Works for you.

We all have the right to be here. We should embrace life passionately. We all can contribute, make an impact and plant our seed to enrich our future.


Even if we are complete strangers and you’re reading this, and you need someone to listen to you, message me if you want to talk.


 DOLFIE – imagen peace

I just wanna walk around dancing hopping and turning like I just don’t care


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