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I am a vegan and have been for many years. However, we produce leather shoes in our Dolfie collections, which has always been a significant moral dilemma for me. We receive numerous emails from people questioning how I can identify as a vegan and still be involved in making leather shoes.

My answer, which may not resonate with everyone, is that people continue to consume meat, and using leather sourced from the food industry feels like giving that leather a second life. Additionally, in my humble opinion, leather remains one of the best and most durable materials for crafting shoes, which ultimately contributes to sustainability.

While there are many brands that proudly promote vegan shoe options made from materials such as apples, grapes, cacti, corn, and other non-animal sources, it's important to note that these materials often lack the inherent durability of leather and typically require a substantial amount of plastic components (polyurethanes) in their production process. As we are all aware, plastics are a major contributor to landfill and ocean pollution, posing a significant threat to various animal species.

We are continuously researching new, non-toxic materials as alternatives to animal leather and exploring ways to repurpose waste into innovative materials, as exemplified by our 'Save the Ocean' project, where ocean-collected plastic is transformed into fabric.

My dream and ultimate goal are to transform our brand into one that is 100% cruelty-free, and we remain committed to achieving this objective.

I want to express my gratitude for your support in helping us shape a future that prioritizes the protection of our planet.

Thank you for being with us since the beginning.



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