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Money, money, money.

Our modern culture is all about money, fame and body image. And with the rise of social media, it´s been spread like a virus more than ever. We live totally disconnected from our families, friends and communities, immersed in the superficial social media.

It´s on your phone, 24/7, the all-fictitious lifestyle. If you watch long enough, you're going to start thinking it's real. People have a hard time separating reality from entertainment. It´s a delusion.

Materialism is the new spirituality.

You become addicted to consumerism to deal with your anxieties and insecurities. And so, with addiction, you never have enough and there's no satisfaction. People seek that momentary ecstasy to escape from a darker and darker reality.

Everyone wants to be rich. If they can't be rich, the next thing is to feel rich. The toxic dream.

You need to distinguish yourself from others: the so called: societal recognition. The obsession with wealth and status. Cars, houses or “luxury” clothing are the new status symbols. Flashy Logos to advertise wealth and the idiotic superiority. Luxury overpriced items bought out of insecurity, wanting to fit in, to get validation from others.

It's money power and the excesses of our culture. Narcissism and ultra-decadence. Our Culture is dying, the only difference is that this time, when we go down, the whole planet's going to go down with us.

We have lost all kind of values and traditions that had defined other generations.

And it takes a long trip to come back to what really matters. The other stuff: Trying to do good in the world.

We grew up having this way of life instilled into us that we need to have certain money, certain social life, certain acceptance by our society. We don´t. The real measure of your wealth is how much you'd be worth if you lost all your money.

Stay humble. Avoid the bullshit. Be real. Be kind. Give love and be thankful always.


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