Dolfie Paradise
There's no question more complicated than what the meaning of life is.
Anyone who isn't confused on Earth doesn't really understand what's going on.
Some days, I find myself lost in this thought with a heart-wrenching sensation:
Why is the world such a chaotic and uncontrollable place where we are slaves to this decaying society always on the brink of an apocalypse?
I am one of those who, to numb the pain and constantly deny this reality, search for immediate pleasure to avoid suffering.
What works for me is being in nature, where I feel free and find the strength to continue my journey in the world
I feel like a misfit in this world...
Wouldn't the world be a better place if we all loved each other?
There's so much chaos and trouble in the world right now.
When I think of all the grief, sadness, and fucked-up suffering in the world, it hurts so damn much that all I wanna do is escape
leave this world behind and rise like an angel in the night and magically disappear


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