Dolfie Paradise

These are crazy times right now. It´s an out of control cruel World.

Our society is run by MANIACS for maniacal ends.

What makes you think that the leaders that rule the world give a F*** about you, me or our families. Nothing matters to them, not the planet, society or prosperity; The only thing they care about is controlling the whole damn world.

They claim there is no money to feed the poor, homeless and hungry…but there is always money to fund another stupid war. Let´s arm NATO, let´s spend trillions on defense, let´s continue with the HATE propaganda. There is nothing more profitable for these institutions than War. 

Now more than ever we need to stick together, take care of ourselves and the people around us.

Caring is what really maters. Kindness, making people feel good, that´s our real SUPERPOWER. We all have it.

It is by being connected, together and aware that WE can change what is wrong in the world today and make it right!

Never give up fighting for PEACE

because then they win

who? The assholes, you know.


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