Dolfie’s ethic

Many of us are aware of certain "truths" in reality, however many of us remain ignorant to other implications of those "truths". There are organizations, activists, and boycotts that acknowledge the unnecessary cruelty involved in fur farming and leather by-products, yet it still remains an incredibly sought after material especially in today’s world of fashion. 

Unfortunately, profit margin is rather small on the sale of animal flesh alone, incentivizing several slaughterhouses and cattle farming companies to rely on the sale of hides. Animal abuse, filthy conditions, and exploitation exist, along with its support and growing contributions from every nation. A significant percentage of leather is imported from India and China, where many animal welfare laws neither exist nor enforced. Only adding to the proliferation of inhumane suffering and violent animal killing.

What can we do?

Individually, we can try our best to effect change, even at a small scale, but it could possible take forever to rid this barbaric behavior and merciless man-made market completely. This is the world we live in, one of the inevitable cruel truths, where consumption of material goods are part of our daily routine, where part of this consumption is sourced from animals designed to maximize profits with little to no consideration of its impact towards them. 

It’s naïve to make empty promises or make you believe that we will change this world…although, we will never give up trying.

Of course, we care about the welfare of this planet and its existing species, yet we also produce products that use fur, suede and leather goods. We have promised ourselves and to YOU our full commitment in ensuring that the components of our products do not contribute towards the inherent abuse and treatment of animal exploitation. The materials used in our products are carefully inspected and only reused after verifying its treatment and history, making sure it does not come from repulsive fur factory farms where thousands of animals are made to live unbearably and killed ruthlessly.

To do the best of our damn ability, we locate, we acknowledge and certify where and how our materials are sourced.

Our values in who we are and what we create only aim to reflect love, passion, and responsibility towards the betterment of this world.  

Peace and Love, as always.